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Nest&Net Artists 2024


French :

Sébastien Hoëltzener & Frédéric Froument

"Résider : Résidence", a duo work focusing on the place of residence, where residency becomes the subjet-itself of production. The aim is to draw up a mirror-portrait, questioning the links between artists in residence and the host site and their physical, architectural, human and cultural aspects. Sculpture, painting, found and shaped objects are placed, moved, large-format photographs in paper, representing a place in evolution, are pasted, torn....Résider : Résidence is therefore seen as a laboratory, a permanent workshop during the exhibition period at halle50, DomagkAteliers' gallery in Munich.

Germans :

Doro Seror
Her "Literal networking project" is based on sustainable work involving other artists and the public. Using the process of reusing, recycling and upcycling textiles recovered on site (from the Clen company, Mirific, Emmaüs Touraine...), she will weave links between people and the architecture of the site in an installation that will connect them to each other. By integrating the intervention of the outside public, her artistic project takes on a social form.

Susu Gorth
Aims to use all kinds of discarded materials by local businesses to produce her artworks that, by combining opposites, become a whole, artificial and profane at once, raw and delicate, playing between the macrocosm and the microcosm. Art made from "waste" can provoke discussion with the visitors on the theme of sustainability, which concerns us all.


All invited artists are keen to make contact with fellow artists who share the same interests in their work, exchange ideas, possibly develop a joint project and organize a group exhibition.

Agenda 2024

France to Germany


April - May, 2024
Sébastien Hoëltzener and Frédéric Froument in residence at DomagkAteliers

Exhibition :



















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Germany to France

July 1 - 31, 2024
Doro Seror, artist in residence at Unified Field, Les Ateliers de la Morinerie
Early July - conference - presentation of Doro Seror and her work.
(date will be announced)

1 - 30 August 2024
Susu Gorth, artist in residence at Unified Field, Les Ateliers de la Morinerie
End of August - conference - presentation of Susu Gorth and her work.
(date will be announced)

August 31 - September 22, 2024
Joint exhibition in the Galerie of Ateliers de la Morinerie

During this exhibition, with the Vernissage, several highlights are planned with a wide public, including Touraine's cultural institutions, as well as interactions with students from TALM-TOURS, the Higher School of Art and Design and schoolchildren from disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps.

Together to Germany

Sept. 25 - Oct. 6, 2024
Joint exhibition by French and German artists in hall50 at DomagkAteliers, Munich

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